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Welcome to the Fort Worth Aviation Museum
Plan to Celebrate Veterans Day With Us

November 11th, 2014, we will be celebrating Veterans Day with a special program for the whole community.

         Starting at 1 PM, the museum will be open free of admission for all veterans and their families. For all others, admission will be $5 for adults, $1 for youngsters 6 to 16 and families are $10.

         We will have a free concert at 2 PM and 3 PM under our dome conducted by, the Dynamic Swing Machine. Click here for a sample of their music.  Dynamic Sound Machine.

         A food truck will be on site for refreshments.

         Some of our aircraft will also have their cockpits open as an added attraction.

         Come celebrate the freedom our vets have provided for us and "Hug A Vet."

There is a Mobile Museum in Our Future
and You Can Help
      Mobile or traveling museums have been around for many years as a way to take stories and education out to the communities they serve.  For some time now, we have been making plans for a mobile museum of our own.  Financial constraints have made school field trips difficult so we have been looking for a way to take the field trips to the students.  Recently, a "bookmobile" was donated to us for that purpose.  We are still working out the costs of renovating the vehicle, installing displays and operating "Mobile One" as an outreach program.
     We envision the mobile museum will house a variety of displays and exhibits and the ability to have hands on activities for adults and kids alike.  Our goal is to inspire our young people to stay in school using aviation to light that spark and also educating our community to the tremendous impact aviation has had on North Texas and our lives.  In addition to school visits, we plan to bring history to the community at events and gatherings.  To help us fund this project, the Bell Helicopter Fort Worth Alliance Air Show will donate $1 from every air show parking ticket that is purchased online using the promotional code: FWAM.  That code is also give you a $5 discount on the regular parking ticket price.    
How Can You Help:  For more information about this project to put history on the road and give young people wings, contact us at 
Click here to go to the Bell Helicopter Fort Worth Alliance Air Show ticket site. 
Or, Click the picture below to download an air show flier. 

Home Again … Home Again … Jiggity Jig

Travel Air 5000 circa 1931
            We have been talking about the Travel Air 5000 that belonged to National Air Transport and Amon Carter, Sr. for over three years now.  The background of the airplane invented, designed, and built by Clyde Cessna, Lloyd Stearman and Walter Beech is becoming better known as is the story of Amon Carter, Sr.’s role in the development of aviation here in North Texas.  What isn’t well known, is how this iconic airplane left Fort Worth and has now returned, and the people who have been involved in this journey.

            The return of the Travel Air started in 2010 when one of our museum historians was working on a story about Amon Carter and his relationship with the City of Dallas.  While researching his story, Don Pyeatt came across the story of National Air Transport, the Travel Air, and Amon Cater and pictures of the airplane at Shady Oaks Farm.  On a whim, Don looked up the registration number of the airplane, C3002 and realized the airplane had a current registration with a person in Hamilton, Texas.  With a little more research, Don located the owner of the airplane, Harry Hansen, and learned that Mr. Hansen had been restoring it for nearly 50 years. 


Travel Air 5000 1963 @ Shady Oak Farm 
            In the summer of 2010 Don arranged a visit, and Don, Bill Guy and myself flew to Hamilton to meet Harry.  This would turn out to be only the first of many visits to Hamilton. 

            On that first visit we learned that Harry had acquired the airplane from the Carter family in 1963, after observing it on flights in and out of Meacham Airport.  He moved the airplane to Hamilton and began a long slow process of restoring the aircraft over the next 50 years. 

            As it turned out, Harry and I are both retired Continental Airlines Captains.  Over the next year or so, my wife and I would stop in to visit Harry and his wife Jackie when we traveled back and forth to Austin to visit our son.   We would always talk about the Travel Air and the interest many people had to return it to Fort Worth.  During that year Harry decided to downsize his restoration efforts and told us what he thought the airplane was worth. 


Travel Air 5000 2010 @ Hamilton 
            Here in Fort Worth at the museum, Bill Morris, Ben Guttery and Don Pyeatt began putting together the saga of the Travel Air.  Meanwhile, we also started to formulate a campaign to acquire the 5000 and return it to Fort Worth.  With the help of some marketing people in California, we developed a brochure and began telling the story of the Travel Air and Mr. Carter to anyone who would listen.  We also began a campaign to raise funds to acquire the airplane.

            Last summer members of Morning Star Partners approached us about the airplane and its connection to Mr. Carter.  They were involved in the restoration of the former Star-Telegram building and establishing a new museum there to pay tribute to Mr. Carter.            MorningStar eventually purchased the airplane from Captain Hansen, chose Cowtown Aerocrafters for the restoration, and moved the airplane to Justin, Texas. 

            Since last summer, the small group of dedicated and talented people of Cowtown Aerocrafters has painstakingly restored the Travel Air to near airworthy condition.  Every step of the restoration process was researched in minute detail and faithfully and skillfully accomplished.  This was not just another project for them, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity and they took it seriously, spending over 3,000 hours in the restoration process.


Travel Air 5000 @ Justin, August 2, 2014
            After restoration the aircraft was carefully delivered to its current location in the former Star-Telegram building and returned to Fort Worth, successfully completing a fifty year round trip journey, after leaving for Hamilton in 1963.  There is at least a hundred hours of video and hundreds of photos of the aircraft and the restoration process.  There has even been some talk of a documentary but for now, we want to just take this opportunity on Labor Day, to thank the following people for bringing this treasure back home.

Hamilton, Texas

Harry Hansen

Jackie Hansen

MorningStar Partners Group

Bob Simpson

Joy Webster

Cliff Wallum

Dusty Roberts

Kevin Hunkler

Luther Adkins

Morris Matson

Cowtown Aerocrafters

Lanny Parcell

Kerrie Bourland

Doug Fulk

Bob Parcell

Tom Swindle

Gerry Asher

David Ozee

Trevor Parcell

David Stahl

Fort Worth Aviation Museum

Don Pyeatt

Bill Guy

Jim Hodgson

Donna Hodgson

Bill Morris

Ben Guttery

Tom Kemp

Jim Fabris

Bob Adams

Chris Emory 

 Tarrant County Archives is Home to Many Aviation Treasures 
   The Tarrant County Archives, located at 100 E. Weatherford Street in downtown Fort Worth houses a growing collection of local area aviation items.  Under the direction of Dr. Dawn Youngblood, the collection has just acquired many items acquired form the City of Fort worth form the former Fort Worth Air and Space Museum Foundation.   
   The current aviation display has a variety of unique items spanning over 100 year of local aviation history.  For more details and to search on line, see their website at 
 Outer hall at Tarrant County Archives. 
 Some North Texas aviation items on display at the Tarrant County Archives.

 Help us SAVE SAM'S F-4
   On April 16th, 1966, then US Air Force Captain Sam Johnson and Weapons System Officer, First Lieutenant Larry Chesley, were flying in an F-4C Phantom II on a mission north of the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) in North Vietnam.  That mission turned out to be the last one for both men.  They were shot down and became prisoners of war for seven years.  After a distinguished career in the Air Force, Sam Johnson had a successful business carer followed by his election to the Texas Third District of the United States House of Representatives.   
   To Honor Congressman Johnson's service and sacrifices to our country, the Fort Worth Aviation Museum and others supporters have begun a campaign to rehabilitate our F-4C to the look of the aircraft the Congressman was shot down in. Please see below for details and help us SAVE SAM'S F-4.  (Click image to download a copy of the brochure.)
Click here to visit the SAVESAMSF4.ORG website or click the button below to donate now. 

What You Can Do To Help 
 Help us with our SAVE-A-PLANES 
You can buy one of our new shirts in our PX (gift shop) at VMAP PX or clicking on the gift shop link under ABOUT VMAP.
Or you can click on one of the links below to download a flyer or pledge form or click the PayPal DONATE button below and send a donation right away. 
But please help us SAVE-A-PLANE. 


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